Canada Heli Skiing

Forty years after it became the birthplace of heli skiing, Canada is still as renowned as ever.

The Monashee Mountains combine diverse big mountain terrain with luxury lodges. The topography and snowfall make for both a progressive and traditional approach. Advanced heli skiers can challenge the region’s biggest alpine runs and most technical pillows, while first-timers can thrive on long glaciers and wide-open forests. All packages include unlimited vertical and a maximum of three groups per ASTAR B2. Lodging options are high-end with spa packages, gourmet dining, international wine collections, and luxury-inclined mountain hospitality.

The British Columbia offering is the touchstone of this sport, come experience what all the hype is about.


Mid December – April Packages: 3-day, 5- day, and 7-day packages as well as custom packages available

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