About Pulseline

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Next Level Experts

Our team of experienced guides and pilots are dedicated to your safety while delivering exciting and enjoyable adventures.


Who are we?
We are travel experts, certified guides, and seasoned worldwide operators. We live to serve the mountain, ocean and river enthusiasts of the world because we are those enthusiasts.


What is Pulseline Adventure?
Pulseline relates to the adventures we love and the experiences which make us feel alive. Nature’s pulse is the phenomenon in which mountain storms, oceanic swells, and river levels reach their threshold. This threshold might result in the steepest heli run of your life, an epic boat accessed point break, or a secluded river holding the most untamed fish.


Our Mission:
To provide unmatched global adventure and personalized service to the adventure minded traveler via adrenaline filled activities in an effort to fulfill lifelong dreams for those we serve.

About the Founder

Aaron Karitis grew up in Bend, Oregon where he was making his first turns at Mt. Bachelor about the same time he was taking his first steps. A graduate of the University of Utah, Karitis has been working in the heli ski industry for 10 years, nine at the sports pinnacle, in Alaska. He has logged nearly 300 days of heli ski guiding in Alaska and has scouted and developed worldwide adventure programs. International snow and guide certifications, an excellent safety record, and numerous first descents further highlight his experience. Karitis has also collaborated with the industry’s biggest film production companies on feature-length videos including Brain Farm Productions, “That’s It, That’s All”, Matchstick Productions “Claim”, and Standard Films, “Black Winter” and, “Global Storming.” Karitis has also appeared on the cover of Powder Magazine (October 2008). When not skiing big mountains or deep snow, you could find Karitis on a Central Oregon golf course or in a warm body of water chasing lined up surf.

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