Heli-Skiing: ALASKA - Skiing Operations


Pulseline Adventure is independently owned and operated by veteran Alaska heli-ski guides. We strive to provide safe and enjoyable big mountain skiing and snowboarding adventures at fair prices. We have decades of combined experience guiding in the Chugach Mountains, Chilkat Range, Tordrillo Mountains, South America, Europe, and numerous mountain ranges in the Lower 48. Our guide team includes select seasoned Alaska heli-ski guides who are dedicated to providing you with a truly mind-blowing experience. Our guides are intimately familiar with the terrain, weather, snowpack, and operational factors involved with heli-skiing. View our FAQs.


Your safety is our top priority. Every decision that we make is rooted in conducting safe operations. It starts with our guide training and knowledge. Our guides are exceedingly experienced with some of the deepest knowledge in the heli-skiing industry and a comprehensive understanding of terrain, snowpack, and weather conditions in Alaska. Collectively we've guided thousands of skiers and snowboarders in the Chugach Mountains. Many of our guides pioneered terrain and established protocols for guided heli-skiing operations in Alaska. Our guides are trained in avalanche and snow safety forecasting, heli-skiing operations, crevasse/high-angle rescue – and all are expert skiers or snowboarders.


We fly with four guests per group with three or less groups per helicopter - when possible - for a semi-private, streamlined experience. We have opted for a minimalist approach with fewer groups per helicopter to increase our flexibility, efficiency, mobility – and safety. So we can move groups more efficiently to different zones and fly deeper if needed to access better snow, weather, and terrain. Fewer groups to ferry in and out of the mountains means that we minimize flight time and fuel runs; more of your flight time is used for actual heli-skiing and offers many more options for skiing the best possible terrain.

Heli-skiing operations with four or five groups sharing one helicopter typically need to stay closer to their base of operations and stack groups in the same terrain or area to remain profitable. If they fly deeper it will increase the flight times needed to ferry all the groups in and out of the field and require more fuel runs; this will increase wait times for pick ups, and decrease the margin of safety with more groups in the field. This also means that more of your Hobbs hours will be used for drop-offs and pickups, and more will be spent on ferries and fuel runs.

Our method reduces wait times for pick ups and lets us slow down the pace of skiing – so your guides can focus on the actual experience rather than managing the numerous operational and safety challenges that are inherent with four or five groups in the field in this highly dynamic environment. This enables us to provide each guest with a more personalized experience that caters to individual ability and personal objectives with a higher margin of safety.