Heli-Skiing: ALASKA - Spring 2022


Join Pulseline Adventure for a mind-blowing heli-skiing trip in the legendary Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez, Alaska. Access the finest skiing and snowboarding terrain and deepest snowpack on planet Earth in the epicenter of the big mountain backcountry riding universe.

Valdez has it all - towering peaks, pervasive glaciation, and the deepest snow in Alaska. The Chugach Range is about 250 miles long and 60 miles wide, but the regions surrounding Valdez in the south-central portion of the range offer the best snow, greatest diversity of terrain, and ease of helicopter access. Valdez is simply la crème de la crème of Alaska heli-skiing.

Many large ski resorts have a few thousand acres of terrain. The Chugach has thousands of square miles of terrain. Most of it is so remote that helicopters provide the only practical access. That’s where Pulseline excels. We have the long-time experience, knowledge, and skills to guide you in these rugged, remote, heavily-glaciated mountains that offer truly pleasurable and challenging skiing and snowboarding but demand respect and specialized protocols. Let Pulseline guide you in the Chugach Mountains.

Our programs all include:

  • Small groups (only 2-3 groups helicopter)
  • Astar B3 helicopters - powerful, efficient, and ideal for Alaska terrain
  • 1:4 guide-to-guest ratio
  • Highly experienced Alaska heli-guides
  • Ground transportation in Valdez

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