Costa Rica



Advanced Season: May – October, Beginner Season: November – March

Trip Length

5, 7 and 10 day packages available


Stunning scenery, remote beaches, and perfect weather. Costa Rica is a magical place where relaxation, luxury and surfing meet. At only nine degrees north of the equator, Costa Rica is literally a paradise awaiting you.

With surf for beginner through advanced riders, Costa Rica is hard to beat. Costa Rica offers a safe international environment with access to almost anything you would ever want or need while on adventure with Pulseline. With a well-established bus system, you can be anywhere in the country within 6 hours. This option opens the doors to multi-location surf adventures with pulsing wave chasing to get you going, or for the quiet and relaxing, there are plenty of umbrella drinks available at the casa de Costa Rica.

If you want to fish on the side, or embark on a jungle hike, maybe enjoy the city life a night or two, Costa Rica is a place you don’t want to miss. Join us, lets find our pulse in Costa Rica.