El Salvador



Advanced Season: March - October, Beginner Season: November - February

Trip Length

5, 7 and 10 day packages available


The right-hand point break capital of the world, El Salvador offers two distinct world-class surf regions: east and west. Each offers some of the longest rides of your life with first-class accommodations. Simply put, surf hard, and relax hard.

Both east and west regions are easily accessed from El Salvador’s International Airport (outside of San Salvador), which makes time for surfing on both arrival and departure dates.

Tropical water, boat-accessed point breaks, barreling slabs and perfect beginner waves allow all abilities to thrive and find their own paradise. All amenities are provided by what is the most unique and high-end surf camp in Central America, which is equally suitable for families as it is the expert surfer. Our location is the very best surfing scene in Central America. Come see why!