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Experienced Adventurers

Pulseline staff members are a group of professional guides and adventure enthusiasts. They have dedicated their lives to the sports that they love, and have honed their skills in order to bring you a world-class, safe adventure of your choosing.

Our staff is as diverse in our function as we are in our locations. We have staff members located all over the world, with the ability to offer local knowledge of terrain and snowpack, or swell and optimal surf season for all ability levels, or time of the day and where to hook your next fish, and so much more. We pride ourselves in our ability to take you where you want to go and show you the ropes like only a local would know. Our staff works tirelessly to bring you safety, value and memories during every adventure.

As we help you find your pulse we will earn your trust, as such we hope to establish a lifelong relationship with each of you. Our staff is ready and willing to plan, coordinate, and execute your next adventure. We look forward to serving you.

Meet Our Team

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Dave Hill

Mtn Bike Guide & Pulseline's Medical Director

Howdy, my name is Dave Hill and I'm a mountain bike guide for Pulseline Adventure. I grew up in Hawaii surfing 8 days a week and living the island lifestyle, but eventually found my way to Idaho and couldn’t be happier. I have been bouncing between Idaho and Montana ever since, looking for adventure and starting a career (and an amazing family) in the meantime.
In college I discovered a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking and I haven't looked back since. What began as a racing career on the snow turned into snowboard instructing and mountain bike guiding/racing.
Family and work life has dictated how much time I spend pow and dirt surfing these days, but I still love to go on big adventure rides and show others what our Idaho mountains have to offer! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
At Pulseline we understand what a healthy work/life balance is and we put your safety first. As a practicing ER physician assistant, certified in ATLS and ACLS, and having a healthy dose of respect for our mountains, I believe we can do just that. See you on the trail!

-Pulseline is more than thrilled to have Dave onboard, his enthusiasm and professionalism are second to none. If you’re lucky enough to chase him on some Idaho single-track, you’ll be counting the down the days until the next time.


Gabe Monroe

Senior Ski Guide

Gabe began skiing not long after he could walk in the early 80’s. A native Idahoan, his love for the outdoors has kept him in the mountains ever since: he landed his first heli-ski guide job in Valdez, Alaska in 2002, and he now guides clients all over North America and around the world, from Switzerland and Italy to Argentina and Antarctica (the abridged list).

Gabe’s experience with trip logistics, along with his communication and guiding skills have brought him to work with some of the globe’s most influential action sports companies, including Red Bull, Quiksilver, HEAD and Salomon. He’s helped snow sports media such as Powder, Outdoor and Skiing Magazine with article content and helped guide for filmmakers such as Matchstick Productions, Brainfarm, Standard Films and Transworld snowboarding. He has experience working with many athletes to help them safely accomplish their big mountain film goals; such as Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Ingrid Backstrom, and Xavier De Le Rue just to name a few. He has also worked with military groups, supplying vital training in mtn travel, snow stability assessment, and technical decent skills necessary to the success of their mission.

Gabe is heavily involved with avalanche education and rescue training. He is an instructor with AIARE, the nation's leader in avalanche education and curriculum standardization in the US. Gabe is well-rounded in his technical training, medical certifications and soft skills which greatly aids individual clients, film crews, media groups and corporate travel groups achieve their goals.

Gabe has a passion for sharing his world and the outdoors with anyone ready for the adventure and up for the challenge. His most rewarding work is to take clients near their limits, push them a bit further than they believed they could go, and to send them home refreshed in ways they didn’t know possible. Gabe’s love for sharing the outdoors with others is apparent, as his clients soon call him their trusted friend.


Jason Champion

Senior Splitboard Guide

Growing up in the mountains & snowboarding for 30 plus years, Jason then began backcountry snowboarding in the late 1990’s. In 2000, along with his first summit on Mt. Shasta, he started focusing more on snowboard mountaineering/BC split-boarding. The rest is history.

Jason has since been professionally guiding for 14 years mainly in Alaska, Washington and California. He is a certified A.M.G.A. Splitboard Guide, American Avalanche Institute Level III, Wilderness First Responder and a certified Mechanized Ski Guide. He is constantly furthering his education in the field of guiding as well as teaching more Avalanche safety courses.

With his infectious attitude in the Alpine, Jason is defined by his experience. He’s enthusiastic about sharing the technique of mountaineering in “good style” that contributes to successful objectives in the mountains. He has also built and managed remote tour camps both in Alaska and California and has experience with snowboard media production.

Jason has worked for many guiding operations including Alaska Snowboard Guides, Shasta Mountain Guides, Alpine Skills International, and Splitboard Guides International. Jason is also a vital part of the Pulseline Adventure guide staff, having worked with us for over 8 years. We are happy to have him return for yet another year of guiding.


Brandie Riggs

Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Brandie was born and raised in Idaho on her family ranch. This is where her deep connection and love for nature and animals was developed. From an early age, her family taught her there is no “I can’t” but instead, “How can I?” -an aspect she brings to all of her teachings. Brandie loves helping people, she’s very good at it.

She has been a personal trainer and health coach since age 15, utilizing movement and health education as a vehicle to inspire, connect, transform, and heal. Her passion is supporting people in achieving their greatest expression of self, attaining optimal health, and rewilding through nature and adventure-mind, body, soul.

She utilizes her intuition, energy healing, holistic health, yoga, movement, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, crystals, and various modalities to assist others in working through challenges and blockages.

Believing there is no greater teacher than the one within, in Brandie’s yoga classes you can expect to play, laugh, grow, restore, and leave with a deeper understanding, connection, and love for yourself. With a little practice, some adventure magic, and a touch of mystery, she invites you to liberate yourself from within when you join her on one of Pulseline’s many trips that she staffs.

-Brandie brings a fresh, multi-faceted skill-set to Pulseline, and delivers it with an energy that our guests immediately love. We’re happy to have Brandie on staff.


Dan VanDermuellen

Senior Ski Guide

My lifelong pursuit of traveling through and living within the mountains has been challenging to say the least, but rewarding in ways difficult to verbalize. From the harshest of environments to the most peaceful summits, I can honestly say that when your only defense is proper planning, preparation, and teamwork, you make memories that can’t be stripped away.
As I’ve pushed my limits physically and mentally, my greatest satisfactions come from sharing the peaceful and surreal side of otherwise inhospitable winter landscapes with others.

-Dan would never say it out loud, but he has a proud resume of professional mountain rescue & guiding experience. From guiding in the Wrangell Saint-Elias range, to his time as a high-angle rescue ranger on Denali, to his thousands of days guiding heli-skiing in the Chugach. Dan is also an EMT-I, WFR, CAA Operations L2, AIARE L1 instructor, SPRAT/IRATA Rope Access Technician, high angle/crevasse rescue certified, along with formal geology & meteorology training.

Dan has both dynamite in his back pocket, and calming words on tap when needed. Dan is a pleasure to be in the mountains with, and Pulseline is proud to have him within its’ ranks.

Dave S Pic

Dave Shuman

Senior Ski Guide & Rigging Specialist

Dave Shuman, hailing from California, now an Alaskan resident, brings his contagious personality and wealth of mountain skills & knowledge to Pulseline Adventure.

Dave retired from the US Air Force as a pararescuer (PJ) in 2012. Since then, he has continued to hone his skills as a rigging instructor, risk management/rescue consultant to the film industry, and a big mountain ski guide.

Dave has worked with Red Bull, Nat Geo, The Discovery Channel, and as a alpine stuntman for Coors Light commercials. Dave’s experience with risk management has helped him and his many clients operate safely in potentially hazardous mountain environments. Dave is a nationally registered paramedic, professional rigging specialist, rock & ice climbing expert, and has his L3 AVY certification.

Pulseline Adventure is honored to have Dave among its’ ranks. Dave is a pleasure to work with, on and off the mountain.


Andrew Valentine

Surf Instructor

Andrew, born and raised in Africa, began surfing at age 13 and competing at age 16 in South Africa. Andrew was fairly successful within the professional surfing circuit, and won enough money at different events to pay his way to America. Andrew has been working in the surf industry ever since. From surf instruction in LA, Carlsbad, Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach, to being an industry sales director for board companies, he’s done it all. However, Andrews love for the ocean and teaching others keeps him in on the beach and in the water. He is scuba certified, an avid fisherman, SUP coach and CPR certified.

Andrew loves the ocean and all it has to offer. He draws from its amazing energy, healing, relaxing and providing forces in his own life. His most pleasurable memories are made from sharing his love for the ocean and surfing with his two daughters, ages 12 & 15. Andrew can’t be away from ocean, and he looks forward to sharing its energy with you.


Kathryn Walsh

Snowboard & Backpacking Guide

Born to a California Blonde and a Bush Pilot in Nome Alaska, Kathryn spent her summers in remote mining camps in Alaska and winters on beaches of SoCal. A handful of years spent working in the financial sector and watching the world from inside a building led her to quit the high rise and head for the wilderness full-time.
Kathryn has peddled her bike across states, climbed 6,000m peaks in the Himalaya, suffered up ice lines in the Alaska Range, and traversed wild sections of the Alaskan bush on foot. Kathryn currently works throughout the year in the Alaska Range, leading groups of adventure seekers deep into the backcountry. Kathryn has a firm grasp on glacier travel and wilderness survival.
She loves sharing vast expanses of untouched wilderness with clients and helping people reach rarely seen corners of the globe. She specializes in remote terrain and extreme levels of fun with a healthy dose of adventure.

Kathryn gets after it, and she has our vote for the first female president. But really, she’s a classy professional, and we’re happy to have her on the team


Sarah Farnsworth

Whitewater Rafting Guide

A Utah native, Sarah grew up in the shadow of the Wasatch mountains, where she learned the transformative powers of adventure sports. Drawn to Wyoming by the Teton range in 2008, she honed her skills as a backcountry skier for more than a decade, and embarked on an all-out pursuit of challenging ski lines and deep powder in her adopted home range.
Although powder is her calling, Sarah enjoys all kinds of skiing and spent two winters as a ski instructor in Big Sky Montana.

Recently, she has also been chasing the water cycle from winter's powdery peaks of the Tetons to the summer melt in the rivers of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Sarah has guided everything from whitewater to scenic paddles and stand up paddle boarding on the river.

When not sliding on snow or floating down rivers, she enjoys climbing and riding a bike, growing her own food and cooking delicious foods. Her background in environmental science and art has given her a diverse platform to understand the wild places she loves to explore.

Sarah is a new addition to Pulseline Adventure, and we couldn't be happier to have her on board. She leads some of our girls-only trips, and isn't afraid to teach the men a thing or two as well. Sarah guides rafting, biking, skiing, and backpacking trips.

Avy 2
PSIA Level 1
Wilderness First Responder
Swiftwater Rescue


Travis Elquist

Senior Snowboard Guide

Growing up in South-Eastern Idaho made it all too easy to fall in love with the outdoors. After what I call a stroke of luck (maybe some skill too) while working with an orthopedic surgeon in Idaho, he took me to Alaska for my first ever heli-skiing trip more than 10 years ago. Simply put, this changed my life.
I traded chasing-a-nursing-degree for a career in guiding, and never looked back. After 7 years making the pilgrimage to Alaska for the guiding season, I actually moved to AK permanently to be closer to the mountains I’d fallen in love with.
Living in Alaska for the past 6 years has only intensified my love for this place my family and I now call home. Best part is, not only do I get to share my passions with clients from all over the world, but I get to enjoy sharing my passions with my family year around.
In the off-season I work as a surgical tech in Anchorage. I am a nationally certified EMT 1. I hold my Mechanized Ski Guide Certificate, along with crevasse rescue/high angle rescue, and have my WFR. 13 years guiding heli-skiing has gone way too fast.
“Life is a dream, make sure you enjoy it”.

-We here at Pulseline have enjoyed working with Travis for the past 7 or 8 years, his laughter is infectious, and his passion/dedication to the sport is blatantly obvious.


Ryland Mauck-Duff

Ski & Mtn bike guide

Hailing from a rural town in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont Ryland grew a deep passion for the outdoors at a young age. At 17 year-old his outdoor passion drew him to Alaska where he attended H20 Guide’s American Mechanized Ski Guide 1 course. He then spent the following winters working as an administrative assistant and ground crew for H20 Guides. With a foundation built out of east coast ice and steep Alaska lines Ryland has since been climbing and skiing big lines around the west. With a desire to achieve a career that resonated with his passion while helping others, Ryland chose to attend Idaho State University where he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2015. He currently works for St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center as an emergency room nurse, and runs a hydration company in Sun Valley, Idaho (Sun Valley Hydration) and services all the surrounding areas. In his free time he can be found exploring the five mountain ranges that surround his home in Ketchum, Idaho.

Ryland’s certifications include: American Mechanized Ski Guide 1 course, AAA Avalanche Level II and National Ski Patrol Avalanche Level I

Ryland is an excellent skier, biker and human. To be clear, he will also go to any length to keep you hydrated. We are happy to have Ryland on-board here at Pulseline.


Geoff Perusse

Lead Guide, Ski & Surf

Geoff has been guiding friends and clients throughout the world for over 15 years, with considerable time in Alaska and the lower 48. He grew up as a ski racer on the icy peaks of the east coast, competed in the Junior Olympics for 3 years, trained at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY, and raced in college at Colgate University. However, after travelling to Europe’s Grande Dame of ski resorts: Chamonix, France, his mind was blown and he realized that big mountain free riding was where he belonged. He moved to California and has called the resort formerly known as Squaw Valley his home mountain since 2003. Geoff has returned many times to Chamonix and other parts of Europe to explore and hone his steep skiing skills. Eventually, he found his way to Valdez, Alaska to experience big mountain heliskiing. As our founder, Aaron Karitis said, “Alaska is the Superbowl of skiing” and Geoff continues to return to continue to experience the magic. Geoff spent over a decade guiding for H2O Guides, in Valdez, Alaska where he was a senior guide.

Geoff is also an experienced surfer. In addition to spending part of his time each year in Santa Cruz, he has lived in Northern Spain, and southern Portugal, and has travelled around the world chasing waives, including to Hawaii, Morocco, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Geoff has his Level 3 Avalanche Certificate from AAI, Wilderness First Responder certification from NOLS, is a professional member of the American Mountain Guide Association where he is a certified Assistant Guide. When he is not out adventuring, he loves spending time with his wife and two dogs.


Chris Rodes


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Chris has spent years mountain biking, climbing, and touring the backcountry in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Canada, and Alaska. He became a ski patroller during grad school in the mid 90’s and obtained his Wilderness First Responder during that time. After some years, Chris went on to obtain his EMT, AIARE Avy training, became a Paramedic and he now operates as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Nampa, Idaho.

To speak of one’s love for the outdoors would be an understatement regarding Chris. Communicating that love through a shared experience is the thing that brings the greatest amount of joy. “Solo trips are great for sure, but my best memories are the ones that involve a group of fellow enthusiasts getting the goods in the outdoors together,” says Chris.

Chris has led numerous successful climbs up Mt Rainier, Mt Hood, and Mt Baker and has helped many folks learn to travel safely in glaciated and avalanche terrain. In the warmer months, Chris can be found guiding mountain bike trips around Idaho and Utah. And in addition to skiing, climbing, and mountain biking, Chris has logged thousands of miles on his road bike, competed in several Ironman triathlons, and ran several ultramarathons, including the Leadville 100.

-Chris is a great addition to the Pulseline team, we are happy to have him. Chris has a passion for teaching others and is currently working through the AIARE Instructor Training Program. Besides guiding, Chris will play a key role in Pulseline’s Educational division. In a TGR article, Chris was referred to as Chuck Norris, and rightfully so. He’s a guy you want on you team during the good times and the bad.