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Experienced Adventurers

Pulseline's team is a group of professional guides and adventure enthusiasts. They have dedicated their lives to the sports that they love, and have honed their skills in order to bring you a world-class, safe adventure of your choosing.

Our team members are as diverse in function as the locations of our adventures. We have staff members located globally, with the ability to offer local knowledge of terrain and snowpack, or swell and optimal surf season for all ability levels, or time of the day and where to hook your next fish, and so much more. We pride ourselves in our ability to take you where you want to go and show you the ropes like only a local would know. Our staff works tirelessly to bring you safety, value and memories during every adventure.

As we help you find your pulse we will earn your trust, as such we hope to establish a lifelong relationship with each of you. Our staff is ready and willing to plan, coordinate, and execute your next adventure. We look forward to serving you.

Meet Our Team

Gabe Min

Gabe Monroe

Geoff Perusse

Geoff Perusse

Jason Champion

Jason Champion

Dan VanDerMeulen

Dan VanDerMeulen

Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley

Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd

Trombetta Jq.mccarty.photo 230327 6287

Mike Trombetta


Lynn Kennen

Gibson Jq.mccarty.photo 230327 6228

Bill Gibson

Haines Jq.mccarty.photo 230327 6296

Evan Haines

Justin McCarty

Justin McCarty

Parcell Jq.mccarty.photo 230326 6215

Elyse Parcell

Clark Jq.mccarty.photo 230329 9289

Miles Clark

Holt Jq.mccarty.photo 230326 6173

Elias Holt

Husted Jq.mccarty.photo 230402 9873 2

Trevor Husted

Brian Babbitt

Brian Babbitt

Blais Jq.mccarty.photo 230327 6274

Zeb Blais

Cargill Jq.mccarty.photo 230326 6200

Jordan Cargill


Jen Ramos

Ash Ryan

Ashley Ryan


Isabelle Wassilie


Jackson Kramer


Bec Bastian


Harlan Sheppard