Alaska Heli-Assisted Backcountry Touring


8 Days

Heli Skiing

Access truly remote backcountry terrain in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, and enjoy authentic alpine touring and splitboarding on our guided heli-assisted backcountry touring program. Alaska terrain is bigger, badder and has a much deeper snowpack than popular touring areas like Teton Pass and Little Cottonwood Canyon – without the crowds. You’ll access incredible remote terrain, while sleeping in a comfortable bed in historic Valdez each night!

Each day your guides will determine the best objectives based upon weather, snow conditions, group dynamics, and group objectives. Some days will be entirely human-powered – for example touring off of Thompson Pass. Other days, we fly your group and guide deep into the Chugach Mountains to access terrain that few have ever seen let alone skied. In each case, you’ll ski some of the most stunning, glaciated mountains on the planet in complete solitude amongst towering peaks, sprawling glacial valleys, and legendary Chugach snow. This is the quintessential big mountain backcountry touring experience.

“Helicopter assisted” means that you enjoy a scenic flight into the mountains then use your energy for skinning and shredding instead of burning it on a long approach. Plus, we easily access remote terrain with the helicopter that would be nearly impossible to access on foot – far beyond crowds. In fact, you’ll likely see more glaciers than people.

This program is for those with backcountry touring experience who seek pristine, challenging terrain and desire to take their backcountry touring skills to higher levels. You’ll ski and ride terrain that few humans will ever see, deep within the mostly unexplored and untouched Chugach Mountains.