Heli-Assisted Backcountry Touring 2023


8 Days

Heli Skiing

Our guided backcountry touring program with heli-assist enables you to access truly remote backcountry terrain in the Chugach Mountains to enjoy authentic Alaskan alpine touring and splitboarding in complete solitude.

Each day our experienced guide team will determine the best terrain based on weather, snow conditions, and your group’s objectives. Some days will be entirely human powered. Other days, you may access terrain by helicopter. In each case, you’ll be alpine touring or splitboarding in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains amongst towering peaks, glaciers, and the world’s deepest snowpack.

This program is ideal for those who seek the most pristine, challenging terrain and desire to take their backcountry touring skills to the next level. This package includes 1.5 hours of blade time (Hobbs hours) per group of 4. While the amount of blade time we spend on getting into or out of the field depends on the zone of operations, we have numerous zones within a short flight from our base of operations. Some zones even allow us to get dropped off on a peak by helicopter and then ski to a road for a pickup via a van.