Ski to Sea Andes Adventure


8 Days

Heli Skiing

Dreaming of winter and powder skiing? While the Northern Hemisphere broils in summer heat, it’s full on winter in South America.

Pulseline has partnered with Stellar Adventure Travel to provide the ultimate South American experience by establishing heli in/out lodging in three strategic locations in the Chilean Andes. We’ll begin our week at our Mountain House in Farellones, a village and ski resort 22 miles from Santiago, Chile, nestled in a small valley in the Andes. In Farellones we’ll have access to ski lifts with a private helicopter on standby for heli-skiing.

Then we’ll transition to the Ranch House, centrally located with golf, tennis, pool, spa and private chef. Mother Nature will decide if we’ll continue to chase powder or head to the Pacific coast for an overnight at the Beach House.

With 14,000 foot peaks within 150 miles of the Pacific Ocean, there are no down days. Pulseline Chile is the trip of a lifetime!