Trip Length

7 to 14 day trips


Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country, home to over 150 different mountain ranges. The county is 80% covered with mountains, regularly being referred to as the “Switzerland of Central Asia”. The tallest mountain in Kyrgyzstan is Jengish Chokusu, boasting an impressive 24,406’ (7,439 meters). With spectacular views in all directions, our remote mountain lodge sits at 12,000’. Kyrgyzstan celebrates its 26th year of independence from the Soviet Union, and has only 30 people per square kilometer; making it one of the worlds least crowded countries.

With regular flights into Bishkek, getting to Kyrgyzstan isn’t hard. Enjoy an evening in the capitol city with Pulseline before heading to the remote mountain lodge the next morning. The food is great, and the culture is welcoming. The experience of skiing blower powder in the massive mountains of Asia, coupled with good friends and military helicopters makes for a memorable adventure. Kyrgyzstan is a skiing experience that you won’t soon forget.